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At a building of embassy of France has passed meeting against aggression in Syria and "pseudo-socialism"

25th at 16 o'clock in the afternoon active workers of the Social Block with the assistance of Communist party of England presented by Ajo Benesom, National Atmody and sympathising had been spent picket-meeting "Against aggression to Syria". The leitmotif which has induced people François Olanda's statement that in the questions, concerning situations round Syria is necessary to eliminate the veto began to go out of doors. The situation which has developed in connection with keen desire of two imperialistic countries to receive control over the next deposits of natural minerals is aggravated with that in power in France there are people who are in words socialists, in practice they, already had time to be soiled in the several enough bad stories connected with dispersal of demonstrations, and attempts to add to the arsenal anti-emigrant right rhetoric-has noticed the active worker adjoined to picketing Marxist front Dmitry Akseenkov. Certainly, in absence of uniting idea, within the limits of crisis of liberalism and falling of a standard of life below bottom, without clear to people of strategy of development of the state, pseudo-socialists are compelled to manoeuvre in the general soup of idea, and only war by the extreme unity can unite them the Class approach, and the idea of a socialism and training of Marxist idea in the vivacity and a reality can solve similar questions without bloodshed - the active worker of the Social Block Ernest Zarinsh has noticed.
As on meeting Andrey Kudryashov who has noted duplicity of a position of Latvia in questions theorists of military occupations has acted, after all actually Latvia has already confirmed desire of America to solve an opposition problem in another's country with military methods. At the same time the opposition after all exists not only in Syria, but also in other countries, for example in Latvia. "We categorically against intervention, especially such impudent in affairs of foreign powers. It is really right enraged служебности and capitalist олигархата above the rights of the people to the world?" - representative SotsBloka has noted. In half an hour after the meeting beginning the Marseillaise in French has been executed. I will remind this song became a hymn of France during rather revolutionary times

"... To the weapon, friends
Rise all in a system,
It is time, it is time!
Blood rotten
To wash our fields"
As so! Foreigners of a cohort  
Sentence bear to our courts!
As so! Ruthless hordes
Designate death to our sons!

Having forced консулат half an hour to listen to the hymn the Social block and sympathising have transferred to the consul general a note of protest and have dispersed. Following the results of action the resolution has been accepted.

The statement

Social Block LR

On a situation in Syria

In the conditions of remaining and amplifying intensity round the Syrian Arabian Republic, two and a half a year being in conditions it is artificial imposed from the outside of the civil conflict (not the first and not the last alas in a turn of "attempts" of the USA) and not declared, but real and destructive aggression from forces of the international imperialism, Social Block LR expresses support to fraternal people of Syria, self-denyingly showing resistance to foreign mercenaries and insurgents which, giving out itself for «the Syrian opposition», make acts of terrorism, kill civilians, destroy a country infrastructure, destroy its cultural heritage. Social Block LR resolutely condemns military and political actions of imperialists on preparation of direct military intervention in affairs of sovereign Syrian republic, opposes any military and other means of intervention in relation to the Syrian people.

With the big alarm we observe of mobilisation of the USA and their allies on the NATO, EU, Turkey, Israel, Gulf States with appeals of direct and direct military intervention in Syria under the pretext of false and unsubstantiated statements about application of the chemical weapon. The recent history shows, as such pretexts are fabricated and used for a substantiation of modern crimes of imperialism. Charge of the government of Syria in application of the chemical weapon against own people – typical provocation, an occasion for развязывания the wars, similar to obviously false charge of communists by Hitler in an arson of Rejhstaga, the armed provocation of the USA in gulf of Tongking against Vietnam, to charge of Iraq in possession weapons of mass destruction. All is the ill-intentioned inventions calculated on a deceit of world public opinion and verbal cover of frank neo-fascist aggression.

Today the imperialism is ready to internationalisation of the bloodshed begun in Syria, and the unique answer of antiimperialistic movement is that: "Hands off Syria!" The war seed, посеянное imperialists in Syria, seriously will mention all Near-Eastern region, involving in it of many other neighbouring countries more than probably, and military-political instability and humanitarian accident in the Near East is direct threat and a call of Russia.

The social Block expresses support to the plan on the settlement of the Syrian crisis offered and already realised by the Syrian Arabian Republic. In 2012 an election in the Syrian parliament which has become multi-party and adequately reflecting social, ethnic and confessional variety САР is held. Syria - one of few countries of the world where half of parliament is selected from among workers and peasants. Coalition government SAR reflects all variety of a political palette of the country, including representatives before forbidden, and now the legalised political forces. Process of national dialogue is started, and level of consolidation of the Syrian society in the face of forces of internal terrorism and external threat allows republic in the conditions of the hardest economic sanctions and increasing international pressure here already two with superfluous year successfully to struggle for the sovereignty.

The social Block, remembering bitter destiny of Libya destroyed by the international imperialism which erased from a card of a planet and have stopped the existence as the high-grade independent state, under oppression of the international "humanitarian" occupation, therefore considers necessary to raise a level of responsibility of the countries for similar American the antilawful demarches, up to the International tribunal, asks to strengthen diplomatic, economic and other kinds of the help to battling republic, remaining within the limits of international law, observing the Charter of the United Nations and stimulating other states to respect the right of the people of Syria most to decide the destiny.
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